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In the past 13 years, Fully Flared Films have made a number of short films, musical productions, live films and events. They ran The Short Crap Film Festival for 4 years, its purpose, to create further exposure to new and young filmmakers with what we believe is talent yet to be recognised.

In 2006 Fully Flared Films created 'The XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin'. A festival that sets out to XPOSE weird, funny, disturbing queer short films from Australia around the world. It is held during the pride month celebrations in Berlin.

Fully Flared Films are looking for production companies who wish to join in co-production ventures in Australia and Internationally with the outlook to creating unique ways of telling stories be it in feature form, theatre, dance, musical, short form or new media.

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Many thanks,

Bartholomew Sammut & Kelly West


Kelly West

Kelly works with Youthworx (a Social Enterprise that trains and employs highly marginalized and disadvantaged young people) as a Media Trainer, Mentor, Director, Camera Operator and Editor. At Youthworx she has worked on a large variety of projects including Documentaries, Promotional Videos and Narrative films. Kelly completed a three-year Bachelor Degree in Film and Television Production at The Victorian College of The Arts and was the recipient of two script writing awards.
She then spent time in Cambodia making music videos with young Khmer people, through "Korsang" a Harm Reduction Centre. Many of her short films have been screened at festivals across Australia and Internationally. One of which was purchased by SBS, where Kelly was later employed to direct a 1/2 hour documentary "When Kelly Met Tasciano" for the SBS TV series '24 Hours'.

As well as working on several Reality Television programs, and crewing on numerous short films she created the making of Documentary for Australian Feature Film 'Night', and more recently Co-Director and shot a short film 'Kadjina – in the Shelter of the Karlijirta' at a remote Indigenous Community School in W.A Kelly has also worked in the Disability sector where she created music videos with clients of Interact Arts Australia and is the project Manager for Channel 31's (Melbourne Community T.V) 'Working Title' Documentary Project – training and supporting Multi Cultural Youth to create four documentaries annually. Kelly is currently co-writing Nancy Pansy Hairy Mary with Christoph Sherman and Bartholomew Sammut that will be Produced by Fully Flared Films in 2015

Bartholomew Sammut

Bartholomew Sammut was awarded ‘most promising new filmmaker’ at the Warner Roadshow New QLD Filmmakers Awards in 2000 and from then has gone on to work on a number of Television programs for SBS Television, namely ‘Eatcarpet’. He also went on to continue to produce a number of short films, documentaries and theatre performances as well as working on a number of short film festivals namely, the 50th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. His short films have screened widely over the international gay and lesbian film festival circuit. Over the last few years, he has been curating and producing the XPOSED International Queer Short Film Festival Berlin as well as Acting in a number of Short and Feature Films.

Currently Bartholomew’s is working on the script for their First Feature Film as well as organising the next XPOSED Film Festival. Bart also works for the Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival and programes the Short Film Night at the Open Air Cinema in Friedrichshain.

could also not function without the amazing work by

Sasha Matteucci
Sasha is multi skilled composer, singer, costume designer, clothing and accessories designer, actress, poet and writer. She is currently singing and writing with 'Call Me an Ambulance' as well as her solo act 'So Low Suicide'. Sasha has been working with Fully Flared Films since 2002 on a variety of their projects helping out with many facets of production.
Currently Sasha is composing Concertos for No Orchestra which only aliens can hear.

Christoph Scheermann
"NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY". Christoph is an up and coming Director, having made a number of short films that have screened at many International Film Festivals around the world and have also won a number of prizes. Christoph can be seen these days on Germanys Number 1 Morning Show doing a weekly review of Films coming out in Germany.

Michael Stuetz
Michael has come aboard Fully Flared Films to work as Program Director for the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin. Since 2005 he is associated with the Panorama of the Berlin International Festival, serving as the head of the office & program coordinator as well as a program consultant and coordinator of the TEDDY Queer Film Awards