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It’s your everyday scenario, you’re at a bar with a friend and in walks someone you have seen around, they have always caught your eye and you have always looked for that perfect moment to strike up a conversation with them. Now is your chance, do you take it?

‘Pussies’ is a new live film by Fully Flared Films, creators of the Short Crap Film Festival. ‘Live film’ seems the best way to describe this sort of experience, it’s not a play, although it is on 3 nights a week for 3 weeks. It’s not a film, because the action is happening simultaneously as the audience is watching it on the big screen and it’s not really a performance, as the actors and audience are separated.

What can you expect from ‘Pussies’? It is an everyday story that most of us can relate to being told in a different way? A way that only seemed possibly because of the venue, Glitch Bar & Cinema. ‘Glitch’ have a neat little setup where there is a bar in the front and a cinema out the back. All of the action will take place in the bar and will be filmed with spy cameras, whilst the audience is in the cinema watching it live and listening to the soundtrack being performed live in the cinema.

Have you ever liked someone, but just couldn’t say it? Have you ever missed that perfect opportunity to talk to someone or to get to know them? ‘Pussies’ is all about trying to overcome this, Timothy has been infatuated with Richard for months, Ella has just laid eyes on Bridgid, will it work out? You will have to come and find out.


Live Screenings (2005):
Glitch Bar & Cinema
Thursday 21st July - Friday 7th August

Alex Lance, Natasha Collop, Iam Cheng & Bartholomew Sammut

Sound & Music
Ben Tolliday

Vision Mixing
Neel Patel

Stage Manager
Kelly West

Written, Produced & Directed by
Bartholomew Sammut

For Further information, or to view any of Fully Flared Films short films,
please contact - info[at]fullyflared.com