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What originally started as a joke and experiment, became a slight reality. At the time of making a short film entitled ‘the short crap film festival’, we realised with its subject matter and the way in which it just wasn’t working out so well, that no festival will screen this. So to go through exactly what we were mocking, we decided to make our own film festival, also as a way for other people to see our work and to show others short films that may have been in the same predicament as ours.

In 2001 at the Zoo in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, the Short Crap Film Festival was born. With over 400 people in attendance for the first year and 15 short crap funny films, the night was a great success, and we all learnt so much from the experience. But then due to audience demand, we decided to bring it back for a second year.

In 2002 we had over 70 entries, from which 15 films were chosen due to there subject matter and how much they made us laugh, and films that showed the most promise in talent land. The night was sold out with over 100 people still wanting to come in, damm fire code restrictions! But with street performances, beautiful music, Sandy George and 15 funny short films, the night was very fun for all.

In 2003 we decided to hold off on the festival to plan extensively a 3rd Crap Festival that will not only be held in just Brisbane, but other towns around Australia.

‘The Short Crap Film Festival’ is not setting itself out to be like the rest of the festivals around Australia. It is by no means ‘prestige’ nor does it screen the ‘best’ films. It is not even a glamorous event. It is a festival by nature, a night where the public can get together, watch some very funny short films, listen to great live music and witness some amazing/ weird performances.

The Festival is also not about deflating and or mocking a filmmaker’s craft by screening their work, it’s about encouraging filmmakers and providing a wider range of screening opportunities for their work and to erase the ego mania that makes this industry such a horrid place.

The Short Crap Film Festival started out as an experiment, and that is how we kept it.

short crap film festival

The Short Crap Film Festival had it's final year in 2004 with a Large Screening in Melbourne at the Loop Bar and pre screenings at the Glitch Bar & Cinema.

*Crap – defined – there are many definitions of what crap is; vulgar slang – something which is of poor quality, nonsense, rubbish or excrement.
The definition of Crap for this festival is the following; What could be one mans garbage is another mans treasure; What might not meet the standards of some meets the standards of others; What might not work in some ways works in others; Australian humour, not funny to some, hilarious to others!

short crap film festival

For Further information, or to view any of Fully Flared Films short films,
please contact - info[at]fullyflared.com